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Well hello and welcome to this post about art in Florence. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will be discussed in detail on this page.

We will kick this off by getting right into the best local art galleries and museums where you can see some of the finest exhibits around town. Some of the most popular art stores in town where you can find all the supplies and materials you could ever need will be up next. Then we will give a quick shout out to the best shows and events in the region.

On a sunny day you could go on an art walking tour or out to see some of the most unique statues and sculptures near you. When you are ready to take your game to the next level there are some intriguing Florence art classes and lessons to choose from no matter if you prefer group classes or private lessons.

There are some art studios for rent near you where you can get the ball rolling on your next project. Appraisers, dealers, and framing shops will also be topics as things move forward.

Don’t leave until you see our local art map at the end. Italy is a country that we have written about many times before.

Best Art Galleries & Museums In Florence

Those who are interested in the best art galleries and museums in Florence should head to:

In 2014 three remarkable museum complexes were first united in Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi. The heart of the art collection, rare craft-built artifacts, literature and plants from the Medici, Habsborg-Lorraine and Savoy families comprised these three houses together. A magnificent collection of artifacts going back to the ancient 20th century, and over the years, the Uffizi, the Pitti, and the Boboli Gardens have been renowned for their contribution.

Ferragamo Museo Salvatore is a corporate museum that devotes its life and its creations to the history of the Ferragamo Company. The National Museum of Bargello is situated in the former Palazzo Del Podesta, which was the first national Italian museum dedicated to medieval and renaissance arts by a royal decree in 1865.

Since 1869 Cappelle Medicee has been the state museum although its history is strongly associated with that of the San Lorenzo Church to which it belongs. The museum comprises a New Sacristy, constructed by the Capella dei Principi, a massive mausoleum of semi-precious stones and fashioned in sculptural furniture.

The Civic Museums of Florence provide a public service with cultural and social tasks and residents’ rights. The heritage of the Civic Museums comprises over 50,000 historical and cultural assets, organized into collections and preserved at the museum system sites.

The Foundation of Palazzo Strozzi presents an extensive cultural schedule of important international events and exhibitions. The Foundation Palazzo Strozzi is the active cultural institution offering a program of exhibitions on the Piano Nobile and Strozzina amid the scene of one of the wonders of Florentine Renaissance architecture.

Pitti Palace was the largest and most spectacular palace in your area at the time of building in around 1440. Palazzo Pitti today, with its lavishly decorating rooms and the lovely Boboli Gardens, is an excellent example of creative Renaissement architecture.

The Gallery was created in 1784 when Pietro Leopoldo the Grand Duke of Tuscany organized the Drawing Arts Academy in the contemporary academy of fine arts, founded by Cosimo I de ‘Medici in 1563 while the current Galleria dell’Accademia was founded in 1882.

Museo Novecento consists of a permanent collection of Italian 20th and 21st century art and several temporary exhibitions, installations of art and special projects. Street Levels Gallery is a gallery of urban art that promotes community initiatives since 2016.

Materials & Supplies Near You

These art stores near you should have all of the materials and supplies you need:

Baccetti Colori has specialized in the selling of high-quality paints since 1947. They provide wall temperatures, linen paints, acrylics, tempera, aquarelles and then browns, stainless steel, books, and many accessories.

Since 1962 at Piazza Frescobaldi Lory Cartoleria has distributed the best items for art and painting. Manzani Belle Arti is a local point of reference for all professionals and enthusiasts looking for best drawing articles, you will be able to find a very broad and diverse range of materials that includes the full range of watercolor and drawing materials such as crayons, markers, pastels, graphites, strokes, drawing blocks, cards, calligraphic and drawn cards in general and a lot more.

Fratelli Rigacci, founded in 1925 next to the academy, is a fine arts shop owned by the same family that carried it on with love, gravity and foresight. Salvini Articoli Per Belle Arti is located in the historic city center, a few steps from the Duomo and the Baptistery, in the beating heart of the city of art par excellence.

In the 1950’s Zecchi took up the activity and found all the colors and materials used in pre-Renaissance and Renaissance painting on the base of the 14th century Treaty of Cennino Cennini. With the help of Zecchi goods, the major Florentine works of art have been repaired.

Color & Hobby Di Sardelli Alessandro sells colorificio, products for restoration, fine arts, treatments for terracotta and stone materials. At Colori e Vernici Bati you will find everything you need for painting and for your home decorations. They produce sample colors with their 3 tintometers and water-based enamels, spray cans, anti-condensation paints and more are available.

Shows & Events

Some of the top local art shows and events in the region are:

The Mostra Mercato Internazionale dell’Artigianato is The International Handicrafts Fair which takes place each Spring. You may experience the city at its best and take advantage of the various savings on the ticket and food to the children’s playground.

The Festival of Creativity, which is fully dedicated to media, art and creativity, is an important event in italy. The Fortezza Da Basso is organized annually in October by hundreds of tourists, students or even inquisitive individuals from the beautiful pavilion of creation, which is the venue for this magnificent festival every edition.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you want to find some new unique works or figure out the true value of something visit art dealers and appraisers like:

Expertise di Marzio Cinelli is a non-conventional antiquities store selling objects and accessories of decor from the 18th Century. Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri provides modern unique art in the Bottega where the artists work as a Renaissance Master Team. All painting sizes are available and guaranteed to be sent worldwide.

Valentina Guidi Ottobri began in 1988, working in the field of art, design and mode as contemporary design curator and designer. Galleria360 is an art gallery that offers guests an advanced cultural experience by artists picked by highly skilled personnel. The displayed areas are meant to improve the art pieces presented to the public.

Walking Tours

These art walking tours can be a lot of fun on a nice day:

Free walking tours of the city of Florence are offered at La Bussola. The city, its history, and the Medici family are the things you will learn about. The journey takes you via the Arno River, a lesser-traveled area off the main road.

There are many possibilities for exploring and becoming acquainted with this great town on the Art & Food Walking Tour, which allow you to enjoy many aspects of the city.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Florence lessons near you studios

You may also be interested in taking photos of these statues and sculptures:

  • Keil Art Bronze at Via dei Fossi 3/5r
  • David of Michelangelo at Via Ricasoli 60
  • Fountain of Neptune at Via dei Calzaiuoli
  • Monumento a Dante Alighieri at Piazza di Santa Croce
  • Perseus with the Head of Medusa at Piazza Della Signoria 2r
  • Il ratto delle Sabine at Piazza della Signoria 3

Keil is a partnership with the London-based photographer Simon Taylor and bronze sculptor, Sam Keil, of Keil Art Bronze. With their renaissance skill levels, their sculptures mix unique bronze art sculptures and macro photographs of ultra-high resolution.

Michelangelo Buonarroti, a renaissance artist who sculpted the David, was a genuine Tuscan genius. Michelangelo began working when he was just 26, and it was situated in the museum called the Gallery of the Accademia in between 1501 and 1504.

The Fountain of Neptune, carved during 1563-65 to mark the opening of the new aqueduct by Bartolomeo Ammannati and Giambologna. Because of the brightness of its marble, the statue is known as Biancone, aka Great White.

A monument located in Piazza Santa Croce next door to Santa Croce Basilica is the Monumento a Dante Alighieri. It was constructed in 1865 by Enrico Pazzi, the Italian sculptor.

The iconic statue of Benvenuto Cellini, at Piazza della Signoria, was unearthed in Florence in Perseus with the head of Medusa. The piece was commissioned by Cosimo I de’ Medici to sculpt Cellini, one of the finest goldsmiths of the Renaissance, in 1545.

Il ratto delle Sabine is a masterwork of the official Medici artist Giambologna who commissioned the impressive monument, now in the Loggia della Signoria. The artist created the piece from a single marble block in 1583.

Florence Art Classes

Whether you are trying to find private lessons or group classes for kids, teens, or adults the best Florence art schools are:

Accademia D’Arte AD’A is an International Art School located in the Borghese Palace constructed during the Renaissance period. It was created by a group of painters from Belle Arti Academy in 2003.

Leonardo da Vinci Art School provides classrooms in drawing, old techniques, contemporary art painting, fresco painting, sculpture, ceramics, mosaics, design of fashions, printing, and the history of the arts.

The Florence Academy of Art, by its mix of deep observation with superior artistic abilities, is a small, vibrant teaching facility for emerging artists. The curriculum is derivable from the legacy of Classical Reality which dates back to the 19th century, but also addresses the artist’s role as a creative and professional artist.

Scuola di Arte Sacra is an international school based in Tuscany created with a view to promoting innovation in art and aesthetic art, with an unlimited openness to the sacred universe.

The Florence Classical Arts Academy is a visual arts academy that teaches basic principles, methods and techniques of classical art that have been faithfully transmitted since the Italian Renaissance across the ages.

Since 1995 Accademia del Giglio has been a private school designed to help international students learn Italian, comprehend many elements of the Italian culture, and master various skills of painting and sketching.

Studios For Rent Near You

You might be able to find art studios for rent in your area at:

Numeroventi has developed a global artist network throughout the years. They keep bringing brilliant creative partners from across the world and from local countries to your area while working with major companies to help local citizens during their visit.

Il Vivaio del Malcantone is an autonomous local facility that has been creating performance arts since 2011 while hosting residences and develops programs of creative education.


Some of the top places for art framing in Florence are:

Corniceria Artigiana Di Fanelli Bernardo is a laboratory specializing in the selling of antique and modern artworks. The area also covers the production of tailored frames, oil painting, graffiti, spieces and aquarelles, more recent prints and graphics.

Mondo Cornici has worked in the art sector for more than 20 years and knows how to best help with the selection of frames, artworks, and prints. They have over 300 kinds of classical frames, modern frames and manufactured frames for paintings, imprints, photographs, beads, mirrors and much more in their local frame shop in the Ponte alla Vittoria area.

Every frame is a unique item of Bottega d’Arte Maselli. You may personalize the frames by choosing the wood kind, the graving style, the processing procedure, the measurements.

The Corcini Julia Market offers exceptional frames, old and new. Many works of art are improved with a unique and exclusive framework that may be adapted to a certain picture.

By the way we have also discussed local art in:

Have Fun Enjoying The Florence Art Scene

You just read about all of the best art galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers near you.

Anyone that made it this far probably knows a lot about the local art scene. Feel free to share your own tips, or to let us know if you noticed anything incorrect in the comments.

We hope you enjoy your time at the best Florence Art Galleries, Museums, Supply Stores or doing whatever it else you plan to do with the info.

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