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In this post we are going to dive deep when discussing art in Tulsa. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will be broken down in full detail right here.

Your time is valuable so we will try to get right to it. The best Tulsa Art Galleries and Museums where you can see some of the finest exhibitions and collections seem like the most natural starting point.

Some of the most popular art stores in town where you can find all the supplies and materials you could ever need will be up next. Then we will give a quick shout out to the best shows and events this town has to offer.

On a sunny day you could go on an art walking tour or see some of the most unique statues and sculptures in your area. Local art classes and lessons can level up your game and whether you prefer group classes or private lessons there are options.

There are some art studios for rent near you for those who are ready to get the ball rolling on their next project. Appraisers, dealers, and framing shops will also be topics as things move forward.

Art in the Midwest is something we have discussed many times before.

Best Art Galleries & Museums In Tulsa

When you want to visit the best art galleries and museums in Tulsa try:

Philbrook Museum of Art, which has 25 acres of gardens and a huge Italian Villa, was founded in 1939 and serves as a world-class art center for the city. Tulsa oilman Thomas Gilcrease (1890-1962), who gathered the nation’s most complete collection of American West art, as well as important collections of historical documents and artifacts, created the Gilcrease Museum in 1949 as a private museum in your area. It was originally described as a type of Smithsonian Institution of the American West by American art historian Richard Saunders. Although a moving homage, Saunders’ remark merely scratches the surface of the museum’s continued effect and influence.

For decades this city has been home to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art (SMMJA) and its treasures. It all started in 1965, when a local synagogue presented a touring show from the Jewish Museum in New York called Traditional Ceremonial Art to the local community. It sparked widespread interest in Jewish culture and art, and the Gershon and Rebecca Fenster Gallery of Jewish Art opened to the public the next year.

Ahha was formed in 1961 as the Arts & Humanities Council with the goal of bringing arts to the community via creative programming and facilitating collaboration among different arts groups. The historic Harwelden Mansion became the home of ahha in 1969. Over time, ahha’s relationships grew to include eight local school districts, a local health care system, state and regional government agencies, and more than 100 member arts and humanities groups.

Exhibit by Aberson is a contemporary art gallery whose aim is to make art accessible to everyone and to cultivate their clients’ long-term relationships with art. They’re enthusiastic about creating organic, peaceful environments, and are honored to be a resource for aspiring and seasoned collectors alike.

Brady Craft Alliance became 108|Contemporary in 2009 while hosting exhibits like VisionMakers and Crafting Ritual & Identity, our first Oklahoma invitational exhibition, for four years, bringing craft artists to the area. They always strive to to match the Tulsa Arts District’s vibrancy and entertainment with a fresh vision that included programming and more ambitious shows.

Living Arts shows and develops critically engaged contemporary art through exhibits, workshops, performances, films, talks, and education. The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization of artists and art supporters whose project is to encourage and support emerging and established contemporary artists, as well as to foster the development of new forms and multidisciplinary work in the region.

Lovetts Gallery is Oklahoma’s oldest fine art gallery and features work from over 160 national and international artists in two and three dimensions. Rachel Wimpey Fine Art is represented by Willowbrush Gallery which formerly housed Rachel’s art and display area and is now entirely dedicated to representing her.

Materials & Supplies Near You

These art stores near you should have all of the materials and supplies you need:

Oils, acrylics, watercolor, gouache, inks, markers, pens, and other wet media are available at Ziegler Art, as well as graphite, pastel, charcoal, and other dry medium. Stretched canvas, panels, pads, and sheet products are examples of supports they offer. You’ll also discover graphic and illustration supplies, as well as all the other items you’ll need to achieve your artistic goals.

For almost three decades, Kiddlestix has sparked children’s imaginations. We doubt we need to tell you what the chain stores like Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby are all about.

Shows & Events

We know you would have a lot of fun at these local art shows, events, and festivals:

International Mayfest is a three-day event that promotes the visual and performing arts. Approximately 100 great artists are invited to show their work.

An Affair of the Heart isn’t a full on art fair, it is more like a shopping and crafts fair where you can find all kinds of interesting things. It often happens two times a year both here and in OKC, and this year it should be going down in July and November.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you want to find some new unique works or figure out the true value of something visit dealers and appraisers in your area like:

Pierson Gallery is a fine art gallery that also serves as a framing business. Paintings, drawings, fine prints, pottery, ceramics, baskets, weavings, jewelry, bronzes, and sculptures by established and emerging artists of the Midwest and American West are displayed and sold throughout their galleries, with a focus on the art of early historic pioneer artists of Oklahoma and art and artifacts of Native American Indians of this region.

For almost 25 years, Royce Myers Gallery has been a one-stop shop for unique art near you. They provide in-home delivery, simply contact them when you find art that you’d want to try in your space, and they’ll meet you curbside or bring it to your home or business.

M A Doran Gallery has been a leading local art gallery for nearly 40 years, presenting modern work by local, regional, and national artists. Joseph Gierek Fine Art specializes on mid-career and established artists’ modern painting and sculpture.

Tulsa Indian Art Market specializes on traditional and modern Native American art, as well as framing and assessment services.

Walking Tours

These art walking tours can be a lot of fun on a nice day:

Tulsa Tours is eager to share the city’s secrets and undiscovered tales with you, your family, or your party. Imagine seeing the secret tunnel that Waite Phillips used to get between his magnificent office at the top of the Philtower and his luxury penthouse residence in the Philcade.

The Tulsa Arts District is a culturally rich and varied neighborhood. The area has evolved through time to become a creative, community-driven engine of the economy, having grown from a historic oil-rich past with landmarks such as The Tulsa Theater and Cain’s Ballroom. There are a wide range of retail and service stores, restaurants, pubs, clubs, galleries, museums, parks, private enterprises, and historic music venues to choose from.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Tulsa lessons near you studios

There are some very Instagram worthy statues and sculptures around town:

  • Golden Driller Statue at 4145 E 21st St
  • Bertoia Sculpture at 400 Civic Center
  • Praying Hands at 7777 S Lewis Ave
  • The Five Moons at 2445 S Peoria Ave
  • East Meets West at 760 W 13th St

The Golden Driller is a 75-foot-tall monument of an oil worker weighing 43,500 pounds. It was constructed with a steel frame and finished with concrete and plaster. It has been in front of the Expo Center since 1966 and is the sixth highest statue in the United States.

The Downtown Tulsa Fountain, designed by Harry Bertoia, is located in a lower level patio at the SE intersection of 4th and Main. The water is caught and sprayed out by a dozen abstractly formed pieces of different sizes. Some of the pieces appear to be big leaves or saucers, while others appear to be nuts and bolts. Another fountain, slightly south of this one, may be seen in the vast courtyard.

Oral Roberts University has the world’s largest praying hands statue which is located at the entrance to Oral Roberts University, which was founded in 1963 by the famed preacher. At sunset, the religious artwork may be viewed here. Leonard McMurry designed the bronze sculpture, which was produced in Mexico in 1980.

Monte England and Gary Henson, two local painters, created the Five Moons. Before his death in 2005, England worked on two sculptures, with Henson finishing the incomplete project.

On November 9, 2012, East Meets West was dedicated to commemorate Route 66’s alleged birth on November 11, 1926. It has its own parking area and pedestrian bridge with a large neon Route 66 emblem, and it is bordered by flags of all eight states that the route passes through.

Tulsa Art Classes

Some of the top places for art classes in Tulsa are:

The Tulsa Art Center is an educational community where some of the regions most talented artists encourage students of all ages to pursue their creative dreams. Tulsa Girls Art School is an after-school arts program that offers 10 years of focused curriculum and ongoing assistance to its students.

Girls in third grade through senior year of high school are eligible to participate in the program. Since its inception in 2007, the school has offered continuity in its art education curriculum.

Bartlesville Arts Association has a variety of local arts classes for both kids and adults. They also have a summer art camp in June and have free open studio time on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm.

Tulsa Glassblowing School (TGS) was created in 2007 and provides an open access hot shop and kiln studio giving unique experiences for everyone interested in the beauty of glass creation. TGS is located just off Route 66 in picturesque McClure Park and offers an avenue for creativity, cooperation, and self-expression to all levels of glass artists.

Bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and corporate team building events are all fun at Pinot’s Palette wine and painting parties. It is fair to say that these are going to be a bit more casual of lessons than some of the others.

Art classes are also available at AR Workshop.

Studios For Rent Near You

Take your project to the next level by renting studio space in your area at:

Urban Art Lab promotes and exhibits the work of a dozen new and rising artists and more established artists. Everyone appreciates their involvement in sharing their creative goals with a broader audience by offering a room to work and a venue to show their latest works.

AR Workshop is a boutique DIY workshop in a lounge setting that provides hands-on lessons for producing personalized home décor.


A frame can take a normal looking picture a long way, and some of the best places for art framing in Tulsa are:

For the last 25 years, Grant’s Frames has been meeting the demands of their clients. Aaron Brothers launched their first store in California over 70 years ago and the company’s success is based on a desire to advise and inspire clients, as well as a passion for frame design and service.

They’re still passionate about custom frames today, and they’re delivering it to you online. Tulsa Art and Pierson Gallery also do framing.

By the way we have also discussed local art in:

Have Fun Enjoying The Tulsa Art Scene

You just read about all of the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and art framers near you.

Anyone that made it this far probably knows a lot about the local art scene. Feel free to share your own tips, or to let us know if you noticed anything incorrect in the comments.

Have fun going to the galleries, museums, buying supplies or doing anything that has to do with art in Tulsa!

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