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We are all about to dive deep into everything about art in Luxembourg and our opening section will fully cover the best art galleries and museums near you.

Up next we will discuss a variety of other topics like local art supply stores, events, festivals, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures and statues, art classes, studios for rent, and the top frame shops in your area.

If you are searching for any specific section you can jump straight to it by using the table of contents on the left and we will also be sharing a Luxembourg art map with all of the various venues we mention throughout the post pinned on it.

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Best Art Galleries & Museums In Luxembourg

If you want to check out the best art galleries and museums in Luxembourg you can head to:

The majority of the items in the collection at Musée d’Art Moderne Grand Duc Jean date back to 1989 and are now a historical reference point for contemporary art in the sixties. The collection is open to the public from 10am to 6pm most days but they are closed on Tuesday and stay open until 10pm on Wednesday comprised of over 700 works of local art and more from all over the globe in every media making it really worldwide in scope and aim while a minor percentage of the selection is fashion and design goods.

Spuerkeess is hosting temporary exhibitions of work by both globally renowned and lesser-known artists at the Contemporary Art Gallery Am Tunnel which is open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday and from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday. The last part of the tunnel is devoted to the world-renowned photographer Edward Steichen best known for his exhibits The Man’s Family and The Bitter Years.

Since its founding in 1996 Casino Luxembourg has been the country’s foremost contemporary art center with a worldwide influence acting as a promoter and guardian of modern art ideas and viewpoints near you encouraging study, experimentation, and creative innovation.

The Musée National d’Histoire Et d’Art is open from 10am to 6pm most days but they are closed on Monday and stay open until 8pm on Thursday and its treasures like many other state-run cultural organizations rely on the generosity of its patrons to survive. The MNHA’s archaeological collection is constantly being expanded by gifts, bequests, and loans and is mostly comprised of local and regional artifacts from excavations conducted by the museum or by the CNRA.

Neimënster Abbey is one of the most important historic sites in the city yet we know very little about its history. When the weather permits the plaza that surrounds the three buildings at the foot of the magnificent cliff cut by bunkers and sustaining the old quarters is excellent for walks and strolls as well as the staging of outdoor concerts, celebrations, and very popular open-air sculpture shows.

As a consequence of its experience, good selection, and commitment to present globally recognized artists as well as rising talents Schortgen Gallery which was founded in 1949 has swiftly built a solid name in the national and global creative scene. Visit them from 10:30am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday to see all they have to offer.

Photothèque was established in 1984 when the College of Aldermen decided to consolidate all of the city’s many photographic collections into one photographic archive with the purpose of chronicling the city’s history through various stages of urban development and making its resources available to the public. The photographic archive in your area presently contains over 6,000,000 photos taken between 1855 and the present day.

Lëtzebuerg City Museum is generally open from 10am to 6pm but they are closed on Monday and stay open until 8pm on Thursday exhibiting different artist selections from some well-known names like Stéphane Halleux, Corneille, Balthasar Lobo, Gérard Cambon, Madeleine van der Knoop, and many others.

Artium sarl was created in Luxembourg City’s Place d’Armes in 1978 and can assist you with the acquisition or sale of collectable paintings, watercolours, drawings, and graphics as well as the historical processing of works of art for both individual works and collections of personal papers through to expert reports. Over the previous 40 years the gallery has hosted over 500 shows, giving artists a venue to showcase their work.

Edward Steichen developed the Family of Man for the New York Museum of Modern Art, which includes 503 images by 273 artists from 68 nations. The final complete edition of the show which had traversed the globe and been displayed in over 150 museums throughout the world was permanently put in Clervaux Castle in 1994.

The collection was included in the UNESCO Memory of the World list in 2003. The Family of Man is a collection of original black-and-white prints put into wood frames all dating from 1955 with sizes ranging from 24 x 36 centimetres to 300 x 400 centimeters.

Materials & Supplies Near You

These art stores in your area should have all of the materials and supplies you need:

Articulum sells art supplies in Redange including various paint tools that are more costly and quieter but the quality is always good plus they offer local painting courses that are available for both beginners and expert students.

Ava began 60 years ago on a single sheet of paper when the first chapter was written by their founder Armand Van Weddingen and the tone was set when he started a stationery business. Three generations of Van Weddingen children have contributed their own chapters to his narrative since then.

Creation Plus specializes in the provision of hardwood and aluminum frames.

Muller & Wegener Sarl was founded in 1901 offering a diverse variety of office and school supplies, packaging, hygiene and catering, printing, and office furniture.

Shows & Events

Some of the top local art shows and events would be:

Art3f is a contemporary art fair in Luxembourg where famous international gallery owners and artists from all across Europe as well as regional exhibitors gather to show off their latest works and give live demos. On the last day of the fair just before the event concludes a few selected works are auctioned off for the benefit of local artist groups.

Luxembourg Art Week was founded in 2015 and is a must-see international contemporary art fair in your area providing collectors and enthusiasts with the opportunity to taste the greatest of contemporary art through a selection of cutting-edge galleries from across the world.

The Pinacothèque is a private museum in the Grand Duchy that organizes the Luxembourg Art Prize each year which seeks to identify talents whether amateur or professional regardless of age or nationality.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you want to find some new unique works or figure out the true value of something visit dealers and appraisers in your area like:

Galerie F Hessler was founded in 1999 and contains four exhibition rooms and a library focusing on many creative currents during the second half of the twentieth century.

PoP My DuKe showcases not only the most trendy urban artists and the great masters of “PoP” culture but also optical illusion marvels.

Kanerz Art debuted in 2016 inviting art enthusiasts near you as well as those from all over the world to be immersed in art and a certain way of life. The artwork is sold at auction in an atmosphere of mutual respect for the artwork and trust between the sellers, buyers, and auction house. It is supplied by private individuals in the Grand-Duchy, the surrounding region, or even further afield as well as professional merchants.

Walking Tours

Walk The Art at 18 Ave Émile Reuter is a guided tour of the City of Luxembourg’s urban art scene where you will see pieces of art designed specifically for public spaces and there will be no monuments constructed to honor a person or an event.

The majority of the surviving monuments were constructed between the mid-nineteenth century and the early twenty-first century.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Luxembourg lessons near you studios

You may also be interested in taking photos of these statues and sculptures:

  • Statue Melusina at 13 Rue Plaetis
  • Violin & Trumpet Player at Rue Bender
  • Hämmelsmarsch Statue at 7 Rue Genistre
  • Gauklertruppe Les Saltimbanques at 5 Place du Théâtre
  • Denkmal der Grossherzogin Charlotte at 6 Place de Clairefontaine

In October 2015 the artist Serge Ecker presented a magnificent contemporary Statue of Melusina at the banks of the Alzette across from the Abbaye de Neumünster.

Violin and Trumpet Player was created by artist Anna Chromy and can be found in front of the Le Dome skyscraper.

The Hämmelsmarsch Statue is a monument dedicated to traditional local music that is mostly played in the Grand Duchy and the Pays d’Arlon region of Belgium.

Gustave Doré who was a French painter, sculptor, designer, and engraver created Gauklertruppe Les Saltimbanques in 1874 which depicts a family of acrobats whose son is injured.

Denkmal der Grossherzogin Charlotte was designed by a Parisian sculptor Jean Cardot and was unveiled in front of the grand ducal’s family. From 1919 through 1964 the grand duchess reigned and uring the German occupation of Luxembourg during World War II she was especially significant as a unifying symbol.

Luxembourg Art Classes

Whether you are trying to find private lessons or group classes for kids, teens, or adults the best Luxembourg art schools are:

Mosaic Lacroix’s studio is near Uebersyren which is around 10 minutes from Kirchberg and 15 minutes from the city center. Every week they get a large number of people who have been devoted to this unique art form throughout the years.

Sonja Soyer offers art classes in your area for children ages 6 to 12 years old in Belair in English, French, and German depending on the children’s language needs. Throughout the season they investigate a wide range of materials and offer a variety of techniques for the children to learn.

Both utilitarian and ornamental ceramics using a variety of porcelain and stoneware clays are created at KaroArt whose art is distinguished by simple shapes that serve as canvases for quirky and naive drawings.

Articulum from the supplies and materials lists also has classes in their store.

Studios For Rent Near You

You might be able to rent art studio space in your area at:

Mob-Art is a modern art design gallery that also offers artist studios.

Art Work Circle is Luxembourg’s and the world’s first online platform dedicated to the sale and rental of works of art plus exhibitions, events, artists, art news, and collaborations are all available.


Some of the top places for art framing in Luxembourg are:

For almost 40 years Art’cadres has been maintaining the art of designing and building bespoke frames converting each frame into a one-of-a-kind item by using a range of mouldings ranging from modern to classic designs.

Two brothers from a family of Versailles merchants named Jacques and Didier Lemonnier began writing the tale L’Éclat de Verre in the 1970’s. The brand presently has 28 shops with 26 in France and two in the Benelux. With an annual production of over 40,000 frames, L’Éclat de Verre is now the market leader and France’s first framer.

Encadrements In Octavo was founded in 1982 specializing in all sorts of custom and oversized frames ranging from the most traditional with beautiful gold molding to the extremely contemporary plexiglass case.

Framing is also available at Creation Plus who we put in the best local art supply stores list.

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Have Fun Enjoying The Luxembourg Art Scene

At the moment that is all we have to share about the art scene near you. We listed the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers that you may want to check out.

Anyone that made it this far probably knows a lot about the local art scene. Feel free to share your own tips, or to let us know if you noticed anything incorrect in the comments.

We hope you enjoy your time at the best Luxembourg art galleries, museums, supply stores, or doing whatever else you plan to do with the info.

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