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The local Milan art scene will be covered in full detail for you today. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will all be discussed as the post moves forward.

We will begin with the best Milan Art Galleries and Museums where you will encounter some of most impressive exhibitions and collections in the region. Following that you will read about where you can get all of the materials and supplies you’ll need at some of the greatest art stores in your area.

Up next we will get into shows, festivals, and events that happen throughout the year.  Art walking tours present a terrific opportunity to explore a range of styles in a short amount of time, and we’ll also point you in the direction of the city’s best sculptures and statues.

Local art classes and lessons will require their own section and there are numerous classes for both children and adults available. Some of our more seasoned readers may not want any lessons so we will also advise you where to discover art studios for rent in your area.

Our final section will include a list of the best framing shops in town. Towards the end there will be a local map with all of these spots pinned on it, and if you are curious look through our other posts on art around Italy at that link.

Best Art Galleries & Museums In Milan

If you want to check out the best art galleries and museums in Milan you can head to:

Pinacoteca di Brera houses masterpieces of Italian and international art from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries. The museum was established in 1776 as a collection of exemplary works designed to instruct students of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Napoleon’s will in 1809 transformed it into a collection of the most significant paintings from the conquered regions.

Fondazione Prada is an arts and culture foundation founded in 1993 that focuses on the creation of exhibitions as well as projects in cinema, photography, philosophy, dance, and architecture. In 2011, Fondazione Prada opened Ca ‘Corner della Regina, an ancient house on the Grand Canal, as a new exhibition space in Venice. On May 9, 2015, the Fondazione Prada’s new permanent Milan venue, designed by OMA, opened its doors.

The Museo del Novecento was founded on December 6, 2010, with the purpose of disseminating knowledge of twentieth-century art and providing a more thorough understanding of the collections that the city has accumulated over time. Aside from its core exhibition activity, the Museum is involved in the protection, analysis, and promotion of Italian cultural and artistic heritage from the twentieth century, with the ultimate goal of reaching a wider audience.

MUDEC – Museo de las Culturas is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to the world’s various cultures. In the building’s interior, there are various spaces that provide visitors from all around the city a variety of cultural offerings and services spread across 17,000 square meters. The permanent collection will feature the Ayuntamiento de Milán’s ethnographic collections, which include over 7,000 works.

Modern Art Gallery is a great place to see works by Segantini, Canova, Medardo Rosso, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Picasso in the GAM Collections at Villa Reale, a neoclassical architectural gem in your area. The Galleria d’Arte Moderna features a permanent exhibition program devoted to painting and sculpture from the 18th to the 20th centuries from the Milan Art Collections. Along with the works of Francesco Hayez, Pompeo Marchesi, Andrea Appiani, and Giovanni Segantini.

Poldi Pezzoli Museum is an international house-museum that first opened its doors in 1881. It captivates not only because of the charm of the chambers evoking the past from medieval periods through the 18th century, up to the Armoury with a work by contemporary artist Arnaldo Pomodoro, but also because of the variety and depth of its collections. Sculptures, carpets, lace and embroidery, arms and armour, gems, porcelain, glass, furniture, sundials and clocks are among the almost 5000 amazing artifacts from antiquity to the nineteenth century hung in a mystical atmosphere.

Pinacoteca Del Castello Sforzesco was formally established in 1878. The permanent viewable collection is organized from room XX to room XXVI and offers an itinerary focusing on Lombard painting from the mid-15th century to the beginnings of neoclassicism. Large altar pieces, devotional paintings, polyptychs, and miniatures produced by Lombard masters who were often inventors of painting techniques and of a personal interpretation of holy and profane topics may be found in the gallery.

Pirelli HangarBicocca is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004. This dynamic center for experimentation and discovery has 15,000 square meters of display space, making it one of Europe’s largest contiguous exhibition spaces. Every year it hosts important solo exhibitions by Italian and international artists with each project designed to operate in close relation to the complex’s architecture and studied in depth through a schedule of simultaneous events.

Massimo De Carlo Gallery has been around since the late 1980’s and Alighiero Boetti, Cady Noland, Rudolf Stingel, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres were among the artists featured. Massimo De Carlo collaborates with varied creators that are successful both nationally and internationally who work in a wide range of mediums including painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, photography, performance, and video.

Casa Museu Boschi Di Stefano is a historically significant home where two couples amassed an outstanding contemporary art collection over the course of a lifetime. Around three hundred items are now on display in their apartment halls, chosen from over two thousand paintings and sculptures gathered, including works by Piero Marussig, Umberto Boccioni, Mario Sironi, and others.

Gió Marconi Gallery was founded in 1990 on Gió Marconi’s initiative. In its first year, the gallery included shows by Martin Kippenberger, Mario Schifano, and Richard Hamilton. In the 30 years since, Gió Marconi Gallery has maintained a vibrant program and its own continuous style to displaying and mixing daring selections that were way ahead of their time,

Materials & Supplies Near You

Some of the best local art supply stores where you can buy all kinds of materials are:

Grossich Art Supply Store sells a large selection of the greatest brands of materials for fine arts, technical and artistic drawing, graphics and painting, and a shop full of supplies. Pellegrini always has a large selection of art accessories, and you will be guided and instructed in the selection of equipment and materials. There are mabef easels, copic markers, conte a paris pencils, and other items.

Stamps, sheets, and colors for stamping and scrapbooking are available at Impronte d’Autore, a local hobby business. Cesare Crespi opened up his shop in 1880. For four generations his family has operated in the well-known artist enclave in your area, Brera, garnering respect and acceptance from a select national and international clientele in this century and beyond.

Hobby Colors is located outside of Area C and sells fine arts, canvases, oil colors, acrylics, watercolors, easels for painting, and sketching supplies. La Bottega Degli Artisti provides high-quality products at a reasonable price, making it a market leader.

Officina Del Colore creates colors using priceless ancient technologies, the canvases are properly prepared, and the meticulously handcrafted frames allow for full customization of shapes and sizes.

Shows & Events

Some of the top art shows, festivals, and events held in your area would be:

Affordable Art Fair Italy will return to showcase the latest artistic trends and revolutionize the way you collect contemporary art. Over 85 local, national and international galleries will exhibit 1,000’s of contemporary artworks.

Miart is an international and contemporary art fair that generally takes place each April during Milano Art Week. There are some big prizes handed out that can reach 10,000 euros so you know there will be some cool stuff to see.

Design Week is generally geared towards interior design, but lots of creative things will also be on display. The Triennial Museum hosts a great event every 3 years and the next one is planned to take place from May to November of 2022. If you are reading this after that, well, we hope you have better luck in 2025.

Given the current world situation the months may change in the coming years so check their schedule.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you are ready to find a new piece for your collection or when you want to know how much a piece is worth you can go to art dealers and appraisers near you like:

Salamon Fine Art is an Italian gallery that focuses on old master, modern, and contemporary prints, as well as contemporary figurative art. Salamon Fine Art Gallery will provide consulting services in the areas of research, promotion, restoration, and marketing for historic, modern, and contemporary graphic works.

Ars Antiqua buys and sells antique and 19th century paintings and sculptures, as well as antique furniture. They provide expert evaluations of antique and nineteenth-century paintings, sculptures, and furnishings.

Carlo Orsi Antichità has been dealing in old master paintings and sculptures for over fifty years and is famous for its knowledge, dependability, and top museum quality artworks. They particularly specialize in Italian paintings, sculptures, and works of art from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries, as well as art brokerage, buying, and selling.

Milàn & Antiques finds freshly acquired items and pieces at competitive rates that best express the demands of collectors, interior designers, architects, or just people looking for the best for their home’s adornment.

With the use of these innovative video system projection technologies, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery is able to construct and guarantee a continuous multimedia display, allowing buyers, press, public, collectors, and creators to enjoy the exhibitions in streaming all over the world.

Walking Tours

What is better than walking around outside on a beautiful day and seeing some cool art:

Acanto Milan Tours offers curious travelers looking for the distinctive interesting itineraries to discover the works of art and the world from which they arose. Destinations span from well-known to lesser-known locations, already seen or revisited with fresh eyes, to capture not only cultural themes, but also popular tradition, anecdote, and detail.

Visite d’Arte a Milano e dintorni provides a broader and more diverse choice of services that complement and integrate with the city tour.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Milan lessons near you studios

There are some really nice sculptures around town like:

  • Needle, Thread & Knot at Piazzale Luigi Cadorna
  • Il Cavallo di Leonardo at Piazzale dello Sport 6
  • Monumento a Felice Cavallotti at Via Marina 2
  • Monumento a Leonardo da Vinci at Piazza della Scala
  • Monumento Ossario Piccoli Martiri at Piazza Martiri di Gorla
  • Grande Disco at Piazza Filippo Meda

Il Cavallo di Leonardo, located at the entrance to the Piazzale dello Sport, is one of the world’s largest horse sculptures, made by American sculptor Nina Akamu, who was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s original sketches for her work.

A commission directed by Giuseppe Missori of Garibaldi developed the Monumento a Felice Cavallotti. The task was spectacularly realized as Ernesto Bazzaro carved the statue in public and then delivered it to Cavallotti’s admirers. It was inaugurated in 1906 and is now located on today’s Piazza Pio XI, in front of the Ambrosiana.

Monumento Ossario Piccoli Martiri is an ossuary monument by Remo Brioschi located in Piazza Piccoli Martiri in commemoration of the 20 October 1944 tragedy. Arnaldo Pomodoro created Grande Disco in 1972 as a bronze sculpture. It is one of the most important works of the artist’s career, since he attempted to give the sculpture a sense of torsion in order to make it more alive and to symbolize the proportion of man that Leonardo inscribes in the circle.

Milan Art Classes

Whether you need lessons for kids or are an adult who wants to grow his skills you have some options. Some of the best Milan art schools and classes near you can be found at:

The Brera Academy has served as a reference point for the history of art and its education, as well as a cultural outpost capable of uniting science, literature, and the arts for nearly 250 years. Oda Palestra Artistica’s courses provide practical education to anyone interested in becoming an artist for work or pleasure.

The Milan Academy of Art (MIAAC) is a private art school in the heart of the city that specializes in professional drawing, painting, and sculpting instruction. Officina Mano Libera D’arte can plan, in collaboration with the teachers, art experiences, both with clay and with other materials, addressing specific issues such as an author, an artistic current, or a topic related to current teaching. They provide their teaching experience to teachers who want to help their students acquire aesthetic sensitivity, creative sensibility, and manual abilities.

The ACME Academy of Fine Arts is an Italian government-recognized cultural institution. They seek the creation and transmission of creative, scientific, and technological knowledge, as well as the promotion and coordination of research, cultural and professional student preparation, and teacher training.

Studios For Rent Near You

When you can’t wait to get that next project started see if there is any space to rent at one of these local art studios:

Massive Arts, located in Navigli, has a total space of 1,000sqm and includes 2 professional recording studios, 1 mastering suite, 6 rehearsal rooms, a 70sqm live room, and various relax lounge areas. Giada Yeya Montomoli and Luca Font founded Yeya&Font Studio to create artworks, objects, and photographs inspired by their shared love of simple shapes, geometry, and primary colors.

The partnership comes from various backgrounds and works on independent projects, but the studio is always the spot where every concept is born and swiftly expands in often unexpected directions.


A frame can transform a regular looking piece or picture to that next level and some of the best places for art framing in Milan are:

Centro Milano Cornici can do a vast range of services that enables them to fully meet the needs of their customers. These include conservative or artistic frame restoration to plexiglass processing, from the application of special glass to laminating and calendering, from home pick-up and delivery to frame rental.

BBframe is a local frame shop where you can find frames and decorations for your house that have that extra touch of workmanship you’re looking for. Grassi Carlo Srl has a wide choice of styles to choose from beginning with necessary aluminum profiles that are current and exquisite, especially for contemporary images and graphics, and progressing to traditional frames in various types of wood.

Cornici Tolomeo provides restoration, consulting, and expertise, as well as frames, glass, photography, frame repairs, client consultation, and a large collection of glasses and art.

Milonga has a large assortment of traditional frames, many of which are handmade by Maurizia. She works with a variety of materials including wood, chalk, textiles, papier-mache, cardboard, metals, pottery, plexiglass, and repurposed materials.

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Have Fun Enjoying The Milan Art Scene

At the moment that is all we have to share about the full art scene near you. We listed the best galleries, museums, events, shows, local supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers that you may want to check out.

Those who are still reading this probably love art as much as we do. If so go ahead and use the comments to share your own tips or to let us know if you think we got anything wrong.

We hope you enjoy your time at the best Milan Art Galleries, Museums, Supply Stores or doing whatever it else you plan to do with the info.

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