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Today we hope you are ready to learn about art in Turin. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will all be covered thoroughly right here.

We will begin by diving into the best Turin Art Galleries and Museums where you can see some of the finest exhibitions and collections the city has to offer. Following that we will tell you about the best art stores in your area to buy all the supplies and materials you need. The top shows and events throughout the year will need to get their own section as well.

You may want to take an art walking tour or check out some of the most creative statues and sculptures around town when the weather is nice. Local art classes and lessons will need to be discussed in detail and there are plenty of classes for both kids and adults that are available.

Some of our readers may not be up for any lessons so we will mention where you can find art studios for rent near you as well. Framing shops, dealers, and appraisers will also be covered as the post progresses.

We have written other posts on art in Italy that you can check out if interested.

Best Art Galleries & Museums In Turin

When you want to visit the best art galleries and museums in Turin head to:

Palazzo Madama is a large historic building that houses the collections of the Civic Museum of Ancient Art which was created in 1861 by the city. Since 1934 the Palace has housed the collections of ancient art of the Civic Museum with over 70,000 works including paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, majolica and porcelain, gold and silver, furnishings and fabrics that illustrate European art from the early Middle Ages to the Baroque.

The Castle of Rivoli is a former Residence of the Royal House of Savoy that is currently home to the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, the museum of contemporary art of Turin. The permanent collection documents crucial moments in the development of contemporary art in Italy and abroad, from the mid-1960s to the latest currents. It sits at the heart of the Museum activities and includes large permanent installations produced specially for the rooms of the historic Royal Residence.

Pinacoteca Agnelli represents the final moment of the more than twenty-year process of transformation of the Lingotto and houses 25 extraordinary masterpieces, twenty-three paintings and two sculptures, ranging from the eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Among the works on display you can admire a unique collection of seven canvases by Matisse, a 1913 painting by Balla on the theme of the speed of the automobile, masterpieces by Severini, Modigliani, and Tiepolo.

Named after Mario Merz, the Fondazione was established in 2005 as a center for contemporary art with the intent to host exhibitions, events, education-related activities, and to further research and explore art.

Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna E Contemporanea has a collection of 45,000 works spanning a period from the nineteenth century to the present day. With its paintings, sculptures, works on paper, installations, videos and photographs, the GAM offers its audience a wealth of events ranging from major exhibitions of Italian and international artists to highly contemporary research dedicated to a young audience.

Ometto Museo Di Arti Decorative was opened in 1999 by Giulio Ometto and has given life to the great dream of Pietro Accorsi with an installation that presents 27 rooms and over three thousand works including paintings, ceramics, furniture, furnishings, crystals and tapestries.

Museo Nazionale Del Risorgimento Italiano has been profoundly renovated, and presents itself to visitors with avant-garde fittings and services, from Palazzo Carignano that houses it to the rooms that house the collections. The lighting, the colors of the rooms, the choice of which was made on the basis of chromatic codes that can always be traced back to the topics covered, and the use of multimedia contributions ensure the visitor a unique experience of its kind.

Alberto Peola Arte Contemporanea opened in 1989 and shows works by contemporary emerging and established artists from Italy and abroad. The Galo Art Gallery is a unique exhibition space focusing on contemporary art from post graffiti to pop art, encompassing a wide range of visual media. Since opening the doors back in 2010, the gallery celebrates established artists and promotes up and coming talent, primarily in the field of street art.

The Febo e Dafne gallery offers various services for artists in your area like assistance for the creation of portfolios, presentations to compete for residencies, awards, funded projects, scholarships and institutional acquisitions. Gagliardi e Domke is a contemporary art gallery that develops and implements artistic projects and exhibitions, cooperations between other galleries, artists, institutions and collectors. It regularly participates in national and international fairs.

Franco Noero Gallery was founded in 1999 and from the very beginning the gallery has distinguished itself for the courageous and significant exhibition projects produced with its artists, crossing all artistic languages with a particular attention devoted to conceptual practices and the radical nature of research.

Giorgio Persano opened his first gallery, Multipli, in 1970. While interested in American pop graphics, he began to produce multiplied works by Italian artists like Pistoletto, Zorio, Boetti, Calzolari, Anselmo, Salvo, Penone and Paolini. Since 1975, some of these have begun to use the gallery space as a workshop, creating installations and experimenting with new creative processes.

The Galleria In Arco was born in 1987 in a mostly underground space that was already an ancient Roman walkway. In the last decade the gallery has concentrated its activity focusing on the recent work of some protagonists of the New York art scene, such as David Salle, Tony Oursler, Ross Bleckner, Peter Halley, Alex Katz and Donald Baechler and at the same time also supporting local Italian artists like Daniele Galliano, Stefano Arienti and Manuele Cerutti.

Materials & Supplies Near You

When you need some new materials or supplies go to art stores like:

For over 30 years Camas Color has specialized in the sale of products for fine arts including oil colors, acrylics, watercolors, tempera, pastels, and more. There is also a strong hobbies and crafts department and they have courses in painting, ceramics, creative art.

In Belle Arti Ferrua you will find all the accessories for painting such as paints and canvases for painters: watercolors, oil paints, water colors, acrylic paints, gouache paints, brushes, easels, spatulas, paints, solvents, palettes. But also the articles for drawing: papers, pencils and charcoals.

Since 2013 Spot Graffiti Shop offers a wide selection of artistic materials for graffiti and more. You can buy spray paints of the best brands, caps, markers and everything else you can use to give vent to your creativity. They also carry out a paint factory service: quartz paints, washable, transpiring, rollers and brushes.

Rima Belle Arti sells papers, cartons, graph paper, special films for lasers, airbrushes in 50 different models and relative spare parts. Silent compressors, special colors for airbrushing, and fine art items like easels, canvases, brushes, pencils, and erasers are all available.

Garignani Belle Arti is an open space inside a Fine Arts club for ordinary people, art friends, teachers, students, and parents that is dedicated to those who draw, paint, photograph, carve, sculpt, restore, create works with paper, clay, wood, and ceramics.

Belle Arti Raffaello is a good place to buy a wide range of fine art materials for painting, sculpture and drawing. Belle Arti Rim is a good place to find not only canvases, brushes and gouache but also advice.

Sinopia, a company founded in 1993, specializes in products for the restoration of furniture, frescoes, paintings, works of art, decoration, and renovation.

Shows & Events

The best art shows, festivals, and events near you would be:

The Luci d’Artista show, which takes place in both Turin and Salerno, has become a highly regarded contemporary art exhibition both nationally and internationally. This city has been transformed into an open-air art exhibition during Luci d’Artista since 1998 when 14 artists were commissioned to create Christmas illuminations. The decorations, which are on display from October to February, are more than just Christmas lights, they are outdoor pieces of art.

The most major contemporary art fair in Italy is Artissima which has blended the presence of an international market with an emphasis on experimentation and research since its inception in 1994. Every year, galleries from all around the world participate.

The Torino Film Festival (TFF), which takes place in November, is Italy’s second largest film festival after Venice, and is becoming increasingly well-known bringing in some of the industry’s biggest stars.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

Framing art supply stores Turin lessons near you studios

You can buy something new or learn the real value of something in your collection by visiting local art dealers and appraisers like:

Caracol Art Gallery brings art and illustration together. The Giclée print is a favorite of artists and collectors for its brilliant colors, maximum persistence, and exceptional realism.

L’Estampe Gallery was founded in 1994 and specializes in the purchase, sale, appraisal, and restoration of prints, drawings, and watercolors, as well as antique and contemporary paintings and posters. The Chiono Reisova Art Gallery represents emerging artists, particularly painters and sculptors, both Italian and foreigners, with a focus on figurative subjects.

Galleria Roccatre is a must-see for modern and contemporary art as Marco Gastini, Fausto Melotti, Pinot Gallizio, Enrico Paulucci, and others are represented there.

Walking Tours

Those who are reading this on a sunny day may want to go on an art walking tour:

The Free Walking Tour Turin is a social enterprise, which means that they do it because they are passionate about exhibiting guests the fascinating and wonderful city. Turin Street Art Walking Tour works to make it easier for travelers to get the information they need, taking into account their personal interests, limits, and expectations, with the goal of simplifying their journey.

The Museum of Urban Art (MAU) is the first project in the phase of concrete realization in Italy, with the goal of building a permanent outdoor artistic settlement located within a significant metropolitan center, with the added value of being an initiative.

Sculptures & Statues

Another good way to enjoy nice weather would be to check out some of these statues and sculptures in your area:

  • Monument to Vincenzo Gioberti at Piazza Carignano 4
  • Monumento a Giuseppe Garibaldi at Corso Cairoli
  • Monumento a Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia at Piazza S Carlo
  • Monumento al Carabiniere at Viale dei Partigiani
  • Monumento all’Alfiere dell’Esercito Sardo at Piazza Castello
  • Monumento al Conte Verde at Piazza Palazzo di Città 7E

Giovanni Albertoni sculpted the sculpture honoring statesman and philosopher Vincenzo Gioberti between 1857 and 1859. The piece was installed in Piazza Carignano in 1859, in the namesake castle of the Kingdom of Italy’s first parliament.

Odoardo Tabacchi erected a monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi in Corso Cairoli, on the axis of via dei Mille, in 1887. On the base, there is a lion, a symbol of the people’s might, and a female figure, an allegory of Italy.

The famous Monumento a Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia is for the Savoy prince who moved the duchy’s capital from Chambéry to Turin in 1563, known as the caval ‘d brôns by the Turinese, is located in the center of Piazza San Carlo and is considered the masterpiece of the sculptor Carlo Marochetti who raised it in 1838.

Pelagio Palagi created the Conte Verde statue of Amedeo VI of Savoy in 1847. The monument, which represents the count during the triumphant battle against the Turks, was dedicated at Piazza Palazzo di Città in 1853.

Turin Art Classes

Whether you are trying to find lessons for kids or adults some of the best Turin art schools and classes can be found at:

Scuola Internazionale di Comics offers courses in figurative, graphic, digital, and literary arts that span 360 degrees. Along with a yearly calendar of courses, exhibition projects, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops Accademia Pictor provides professional pathways committed to updating and exploring new tools available to artists in today’s changing environment.

Novel Academy will help you grow your talent or hone your current skills by offering classes in everything from classical to digital art. There are classes available in drawing, calligraphy, watercolor, and painting. Online classes offer one-on-one training in web design and digital graphics. The first lesson of each on-site training is free.

Martinarte is a painting and drawing school. They are also a genuine crossroads in the lives of artists, professors, and students, providing a safe environment in which to share experiences and information while also putting one’s desire to learn to the test.

Studio Arte e Pittura is a place where people of all ages can learn to draw, paint, and congregate to debate ideas and viewpoints on creativity. In addition, the Studio offers group visits to exhibitions, art cities, and ancient villages, as well as plein air sketching and painting days. The Studio sells hand-painted sculptures, paintings and portraits, wall decorations, restorations, and much more.

Studios For Rent Near You

There might be open studio space to rent at:

Arancia Studio, founded in 2010, is a media firm and creative studio specializing in visual communication, intellectual property development, and content creation for publishing, advertising, and media. The company’s main source of revenue is comic books.

The Galo Art Gallery is a one-of-a-kind exhibition facility that focuses on contemporary art, ranging from post-graffiti to pop art, and includes a diverse spectrum of visual media. Since its inception in 2010, the gallery has celebrated established artists while also promoting new talent, mainly in the field of street art.


Some of the most highly recommended places to go for art framing in Turin are:

Zamorani Silvio works with galleries and museums all around the world, as well as the most beautiful frame shops, large and small clients, and those who simply want to beautify a wall at home. Cornici Villa Torino provides the best author graphics to decorate your home or business, as well as gorgeous frames to suit your needs. Designer graphics that are hand-framed by artisans are a thoughtful and unique present option for every holiday or anniversary.

At Cornici Artheos Torino there are currently tens of thousands of frames for paintings, prints, photo frames, mirror frames, modern frames, classic frames, and traditional frames manufactured for the appreciated and diversified clientele after 30 years in your area.

Bottega Darte Di Prette Fulvio can help with the sale and installation of all types of glass and mirrors, machining, grinding, and drilling holes in glass and mirrors, creation of notice boards, display cabinets, customized shelves, sale of mirrors, frames, fans, photo frames, prints, paintings, and production of custom-made frames.

La Bottega della Cornice offers a huge selection of custom-made frames in classic and modern styles, as well as a significant sample on display. By the way we have also discussed the art scene in:

Have Fun Enjoying The Turin Art Scene

You just learned about the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers in your area. Your knowledge of the local art scene should definitely be higher now than it has ever been.

If you made it all the way to the end then you probably love art as much as we do. You can let us know about any of your own tips and tricks in the comments at the end of the post, or please also let us know if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated.

Have fun going to the galleries, museums, buying supplies or doing anything that has to do with art in Turin!

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