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Art in Bakersfield will be covered in full detail for you today and our opening section will discuss the best art galleries and museums near you.

After that we will get into a variety of other topics like local art supply stores, events, festivals, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures and statues, art classes, studios for rent, and the top frame shops in your area.

If you are after any specific section you can jump straight to it using the table of contents on the left and we are also including a Bakersfield art map with all of the various places we mention throughout the post pinned on it.

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Best Art Galleries & Museums In Bakersfield

When you are ready to visit the best art galleries and museums in Bakersfield you can go to:

Bakersfield Museum of Art is open from 10am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday providing workshops, classes, and various programs such as their Saturday art studio classes for kids and teens from age 6 to 16. Their Art After Dark event features local community art projects and live music and is one of the biggest events on the annual calendar here. You will probably also be interested in their annual Via Arté Italian street painting festival.

You can find classes, demonstrations, juried shows, and workshops at the Bakersfield Art Association Gallery.

For more art workshops head to the Surface Gallery which is open from noon to 4pm Thursday through Saturday.

Materials & Supplies Near You

There are quite a few stores to buy art supplies and materials in your area like:

Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann are also places to get framing done if you need it.

Shows & Events

Some of the best local shows and events held here are:

First Friday Artwalk is a family-friendly arts event that showcases Kern County’s best artists and that is held downtown on the first Friday of each month from 5pm to 9pm.

The Annual Kern County Plein Air Painting Festival is a one week outdoor painting event featuring several of the best artists from the western United States. There will be a picnic with artists working on-site, a gallery show, artist meet and greet, and a gala in the Betty Younger Sculpture Garden.

Bakersfield Museum of Art holds their annual event Via Arté Italian street painting festival in October located at The Marketplace plus they also host their Art After Dark Events.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

Framing art supply stores Bakersfield lessons near you studios
The Foundry is located at 1608 19th Street and that is where you can find one of the best art dealers and appraisers near you.

The Bakersfield Art Association Gallery and Modern Gigi Gallery from our first list also sell art.

Walking Tours

Some of the best art walking tours in your area would be:

Take a self-guided tour of the city’s local art attractions with the Downtown Arts District who gives out maps at the visitors center.

The First Friday Artwalk is held on the first Friday of each month downtown from 5pm to 9pm.

Sculptures & Statues

You can also find some really cool sculptures and statues around town like:

  • Father Francisco Garces Statue at Garces Cir
  • Music Legends in Bronze at 2800 Buck Owens Blvd
  • Muffler Man Indian Warrior at 4310 Alfred Harrell Hwy
  • Cancer Survivors Gauntlet at 24th & Oak St

The Father Francisco Garces Statue was created in 1939 by John Palo-Kangas.

Music Legends in Bronze can be found at Buck Owens Crystal Palace.

Muffler Man Indian Warrior is adjacent to Ethel’s Old Corral Bar and Restaurant and has been up since the mid 60’s.

The Cancer Survivors Gauntlet is located on the beach park loop.

Bakersfield Art Classes

Whether you want quick lessons for kids or full classes for adults there are plenty of options. Some of the best Bakersfield art schools and classes can be found at:

Schilling Art Studio provides art classes for kids plus they can handle restoration work.

Colorful Strokes California has art classes for all ages while offering night classes and private parties as well. They also host a spring art exhibit program for their students to give them an opportunity to showcase their latest work.

Nina’s Art Studio offers art classes for all ages and skill levels.

Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield Art Association, and Surface Gallery from our best museums list also offer local art classes and lessons.

Studios For Rent Near You

At the moment we are not aware of any art studios for rent in your area, but if you know of any please tell us in the comments thanks.


A frame can take a normal looking picture a long way, and some of the best places for art framing in Bakersfield are:

Frameworks also have a growing selection of home decor items such as furniture and lighting as well as selling framed art in your area.

Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann from our art supplies list also do framing.

We have also discussed:

Have Fun Enjoying The Bakersfield Art Scene

Well guys, we tried to cover the full art scene near you to the best of our abilities. You learned about the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers in your area.

If you made it all the way to the end then you probably love the local art as much as we do. Feel free to share any of your own tips and tricks in the comments at the end of the post, or please also let us know if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated.

Have fun going to the galleries, museums, buying supplies, or doing anything that has to do with art in Bakersfield!

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