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Today we will be sharing everything we know about art in Provo. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will all be covered thoroughly right here.

The goal is to get you all the info you need as quickly as possible. We will begin by diving into the best local art galleries and museums where you can see some of the finest exhibitions and collections the city has to offer.

After that we will tell you about the best art stores in your area where you can find all the supplies and materials you need. The top shows, festivals, and events throughout the year will need to get their own section as well.

You may want to take an art walking tour or check out some of the most creative statues and sculptures around town when the weather is nice. Provo art classes and lessons will need a section of their own and there are plenty of classes for both kids and adults that are available.

If you want to skip the lessons you could visit some art studios for rent near you and begin your next project at any time. Framing shops, dealers, and appraisers will also be discussed as the post progresses.

Be sure to stick around for our area map that has all the numerous venues we will discuss pinned on it. We have written other posts on the Southwest that you can look through if interested.

Best Art Galleries & Museums In Provo

The best art galleries and museums in Provo would be:

The Brigham Young University Museum of Art is a four-story, modern structure that spans more than 102,000 square feet. The museum has eleven exhibition galleries, an auditorium, classrooms, a small theater, a print study room, and a gift shop. It is also home to cutting-edge design, fabrication, imaging, registration, and storage facilities. The Museum Café looks out over a lovely sculpture garden and reflection pool.

The Covey Center is home to four art galleries which include the Eccles and Secured Galleries on the main level, the Center Street Exhibit Gallery near the front door, and the Upper Gallery on the second floor. They are open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday and admission is free.

Hopkinson Art Gallery features original oil paintings, books, and reprints by Glen S. Hopkinson, a well-known western artist. Housed in one of Provo’s original 1800’s pioneer houses, with 1,300 square feet dedicated to salon-style art exhibition, historical backgrounds of some of the creator’s more well-known pieces, and a live painting area for open-studio days.

Terra Nova was founded to provide local emerging and experienced artists with the opportunity to display their work in a new and exciting setting. Coleman Studios showcases the work of the Coleman family of artists, which includes Michael, Nicholas, Morgan, and Sarah.

The UVU Museum of Art, aka the Woodbury Art Museum, opened in 2002 thanks to the generosity of Orin and Wally Woodbury. Since its beginnings, the museum has amassed a collection of around 600 works and has a public-facing department of the School of the Arts, engages artists, local stakeholders, the community, students, and professors in a variety of learning exhibitions and events.

Tree Art Gallery was founded in 2017 by Neyda de la Pea and has a special interest in new generations of artists, as well as space for established creators. Currently, the gallery exhibits works of from various artists including Neyda de la Pea, Manuel González Romero, Andres Bravo, and Amanda Barke.

Materials & Supplies Near You

When you need some new materials or supplies go to art stores like:

Craft Supplies USA has been providing the finest woodturning tools and supplies available in your area for over 35 years, all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Artist Corner is a one-stop shop for all things creative.

They carry a large inventory of numerous top quality and exclusive brands as a result of being in business for over 12 years, serving over 350 schools, and connecting with thousands of artists with varying preferences. You probably already know what chain stores like the Michaels and Hobby Lobby near you have to offer.

Dollar Tree is an OK place to buy cheap art supplies in your area, though you get what you pay for.

Shows & Events

Some good local art shows, events, and festivals would be:

The Utah Arts Festival is Utah’s largest outdoor multi-disciplinary arts event, attracting over 70,000 visitors each summer. With multiple international, national, and local accolades, the event continues to be one of the prime events that kicks off the summer season in the state each June.

America’s Freedom Festival is a private, non-profit, non-partisan foundation whose aim is to celebrate, teach, honor, and reinforce traditional American values like God, family, freedom, and country. Don’t forget about the Downtown Provo Art Stroll that takes place on the first Friday of each month that we are linking you to in the walking tours section either.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you want to buy something new or learn the current value of something in your collection you can go to art dealers and appraisers near you like:

Jon McNaughton is a well-known local artist whose new works have captured the attention of millions throughout the world in recent years. His paintings are focused on highly detailed religious and patriotic issues.

Writ & Vision is a fine art gallery and rare book store located in the historic downtown area. They show and sell original fine art, purchase, sell, and consign rare books and papers, and conduct public events ranging from book releases and author signings to round table discussions and lectures, as well as public art courses and private parties.

Glen Rollins launched Cats Cradle in 1989 and has been dedicated to the antiques and art trade ever since. They specialize in dolls, jewelry, odd decorative things, and fine art for the discerning collector and connoisseur.

Heirloom Art Co. is a small group of people that are passionate about art and about their house who encourage the usage of art, books, and presents that are more than merely functional.

Fine art prints and drawings by Brian Kershisnik, Emily Fox King, Colby Sanford, Michael Workman, Jacqui Larsen, Sarah Richards Samuelson, Daniel Bartholomew, Steve and Tonya Vistaunet, HIldebrando De Melo, and other local artists are available at New Vision Art.

Walking Tours

The Provo Art Stroll is a self-guided art tour that takes place downtown on the first Friday of each month. Maps for the Art Stroll can be found at each participating location which will illustrate where art, music, and events are taking place.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Provo lessons near you studios

Another good way to enjoy nice weather would be to check out some of these statues and sculptures in the area:

  • In The Family Circle Statue at 45 W Center St
  • Statue of Chief Massasoit at 1 Campus Dr
  • Tree of Wisdom at Brigham Young University

Keith and Teri Wilson sculpted the In the Family Circle statue in front of the City Center Temple in the mid 1970’s. On the campus of Brigham Young University there is a bronze sculpture of Massasoit of the Delaware Indian tribe that was created by sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin.

The Tree of Wisdom was originally created in 1975 by Frank Nackos. Don’t forget about the great sculpture garden at The Brigham Young University Museum of Art either. If you are a fan of the full statue making process then you may also want to check out Big Statues at 815 W Columbia Lane.

Provo Art Classes

Whether you are trying to find lessons for kids, teens, or adults some of the best Provo art schools and classes can be found at:

The Beaux Arts Academy provides classical training in painting, sculpture, and architecture to students of all ages. The Neighborhood Art Center is where children and families can learn about and make art. Screen printing, painting on the walls of their paint room, creating self-portraits, sewing, and many other creative lessons are available.

Patty’s Ceramics was founded in 1987 in Orem and provides ceramic painting workshops for both beginners and advanced students. Color Me Mine is a do-it-yourself ceramics studio that also has the largest ceramic assortment in the area with over 400 pieces.

Utah Valley University began in 1941 as the Central Utah Vocational School (CUVS), with the primary purpose of providing war industry training. This responsiveness is seen in its integrated dual mission, program options, degree levels, and enrolment fluctuations. They have around 41,000 students in total, with an average class size of 23.

SCERA Art Studio, established in 1933, is a year-round producer and presenter of performing arts at the historic SCERA Center for the Arts and under the stars at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre. In addition, there are arts education programs and the Orem Heritage Museum.

Studios For Rent Near You

White Space Studios at 50 E. 500 N. is a creative space for photographers, videographers, classes, workshops and small events. They are lovers of simplistic design and beautiful natural light and have designed their spaces to highlight that.

Scera Art Studio and Coleman Studios might also have studio space available.


Some of the most highly recommended places to go for art framing in Provo are:

My Barnwood Frames is North America’s leading maker of rustic barn wood picture frames, as well as a seller of other distinctive rustic wood, western and wildlife decor, cabin furniture, and other items. Border & Square specializes in high-quality bespoke framing and is housed in a picture frame shop and art gallery.

A & A Art And Frame is a locally owned and operated art and framing business. Customers have been served with fine art supplies, books, ready made frames and matting, and bespoke framing since 1961.

Aspen Art & Frame recognizes that there is a frame for everyone. With over a thousand frame variations and many mat alternatives in their store, the possibilities are limitless.

In case you might be interested we have also written about:

Have Fun Enjoying The Provo Art Scene

We wish we had more to share about the art scene near you but for now that is all we’ve got. We listed the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers in your area.

You can let us know about any of your own local tips and tricks in the comments at the end of the post, or please also mention if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated. Have fun going to the galleries, museums, buying supplies or doing anything that has to do with art in Provo!

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