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Best art galleries Las Vegas museums supplies classes

Everything we know about art in Las Vegas will be discussed in detail for you today. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will all be broken down as the post moves along.

The best Las Vegas Art Galleries and Museums seem like the most natural starting point. With that said they are just the tip of the iceberg because there are many other topics we must get into like the best local art stores for those who want to buy some new materials or supplies.

We also can’t forget about the best monthly or annual shows and events have to get a shout out. On a beautiful day you can head outdoors to take an art walking tour or just take a casual stroll around an arts district.

Expect to also read about the group classes or private lessons that are available at art schools near you. As things progress we will fill you in on where to rent studio space, in addition to discussing dealers, appraisers, and framing services.

Towards the end there is a local art map so you can figure out where all of these places are. And the curious types can check out our other guides for Southwestern cities at that link.

Best Art Galleries & Museums In Las Vegas

If you want to visit the best art galleries and museums in Las Vegas then head to:

Centaur Art Galleries is the oldest gallery in your area and it displays the works of master artists Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dal, Renoir, and Alexander Calder among hundreds more. They sell art, hold auctions, and have a very large public collection of Leroy Neiman works.

Every workshop, exhibition, lecture, and community activity at the Marjorie Barrick Museum is free, and the museum hosts an annual artwalk in the fall. The Metropolitan Gallery sells art, holds auctions, and can also help with the sale of artwork.

Skye Art Gallery sells art and represents both established American and international artists such as Des Taylor, William Sweetlove, and Carlos Vasquez. The City of the World Art Gallery hosts a monthly juried art exhibition as well as small weekly events and workshops. They also offer art classes and host private events.

Brett Wesley Gallery sells art and also advisory services and purchasing assistance. Their gallery is committed to showcasing internationally renowned artists like Paul Morrison, David LaChapelle, Julian Opie, and others.

Elayne La Porta Fine Art and Priscilla Fowler Fine Art both sell art. City Lights Art Gallery has art classes for students of all levels of experience plus scholarship programs for qualified graduating high school students in need of financial assistance. Throughout the year they also organize a number of popular art shows that you would probably enjoy.

Local, national, and international artists represented by Vignettes Art Center include Sam Park, Alexei Burtirsky, Salvador Dali, Bruno DiMaio, and others. On-site painting and drawing classes are available for both adults and children.

Materials & Supplies Near You

These great local art stores should have all of the materials and supplies you desire:

Desert Art Supplies has two locations in Las Vegas and Henderson and provides a wide range of services such as custom picture framing, special orders, computerized mat cutting, vinyl signage, and airbrush/compressor repair. They also provide art classes right there in the store.

Legendarys Art Supplies carries a wide range of street art and graffiti supplies. Clay Arts Vegas sells pottery supplies and carries over 60 Laguna clay bodies, Spectrum, Laguna, and Mayco glazes, and a wide range of tools.

They also provide firing services, pottery classes, and workshops. Blick Art Materials and the Michaels near you are chain stores you probably already know about.

Shows & Events

Some of the best art shows and events held in your area are:

The Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show is held at the World Market Center where you will find demonstrating artists, live on-stage performance acts, and live music. Visit and see over 300 of America’s most talented artisans and think about buying any of the thousands of works of art made here in the US.

Summerlin Festival of Arts is a two-day weekend event held in Downtown Summerlin that features over 100 fine artists. Every year over 50,000 people attend the Festival which includes children’s activities, open-air fashion, food, and entertainment.

In October the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art hosts Artwalk which features a variety of arts, performances, and live music. First Friday Las Vegas is a monthly event that features local artists, makers, musicians, and more held right in the heart of the local Arts District.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you need help with buying, selling, or valuing a piece contact these art dealers and appraisers:

Kevin Barry Fine Art provides comprehensive services including art selection, concept development, consultation, custom framing, delivery, and installation. Art Encounter specializes in custom picture framing, appraisals, and purchasing assistance.

Art Corporation of America provides fine art appraisals, sales, and willing to work with you to sell your fine art. Martin Lawrence Galleries works with sculptures, paintings, and limited-edition graphics by the world’s most famous artists including Erté, Rembrandt, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and many more.

Centaur Art Galleries, Metropolitan Gallery, Skye Art Gallery, Brett Wesley Gallery, and Priscilla Fowler Fine Art from our best galleries near you list also sell art.

Walking Tours

If you are reading this on a sunny day why not go on an art walking tour a:

The Las Vegas Art District is a vibrant cultural center filled with independent art galleries, performance venues, and street art. By downloading the map from their website, you can take a self-guided tour of this neighbourhood and find all the coolest stuff.

Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours will take you on a tour of the city’s downtown to get a taste of new and emerging urban culture which includes world-class public art, murals, and installations. Customized private tours are also available.

Beginning at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art and winding its way through campus grounds and gardens the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art Artwalk covers a number of arts, performances, and live music.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Las Vegas lessons near you studios

You can also find some really cool sculptures and statues around town like:

  • Seven Magic Mountains at S Las Vegas Blvd
  • The Mantis at 707 Fremont St
  • Monument to the Simulacrum at 401 S 4th St
  • The Big Edge at 2600 W Harmon Ave
  • Bliss Dance at 6 Park Ave
  • Replica Statue of Liberty at 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd

near Jean Dry Lake and Interstate 15 in the Ivanpah Valley. Kirk Jellum, an aerospace engineer, created the Mantis which you can find outside of Nevada’s downtown Container Park Shopping Center.

In Centennial Plaza there is a monument tothe Simulacrum which was created by Stephen Hendee in 2015. Nancy Rubins designed the Big Edge in 2009 and it stands 75 feet tall at CityCenter Plaza.

In October 2016 Bliss Dance was installed in The Park in front of the Monte Carlo casino. Marco Cochrane was the one who came up with the idea.

The Replica Statue of Liberty stands outside the New York Hotel and is a replica of the original.

Las Vegas Art Classes

We are all at different levels and sometimes a lesson or two can give us the boost that we need. Some of the best Las Vegas art schools and classes can be found at:

Kids between the ages of 4 and 14 in your area have enjoyed the art classes at Symbolic Art Center for many years. If you want to improve your skills in the old master style of oil painting you can take the classes at Atelier Vidigal De Vince.

Wine and Canvas Studio offers adult and children’s art classes as well as private painting parties such as girls’ nights out, birthday parties, and more. Adult classes include sipping your favorite wine or cocktail, while the kids get cookies.

The King Art Studio provides group and private art lessons in any medium including drawing, painting, graphic design, and sculpture to students of all ages. Seasonal art camps, painting parties, and life drawing classes are also available. The minimum age for Life Drawing is 18 or with parental permission.

From the main list above City of the World Art Gallery, City Lights Art Gallery, and Vignettes Art Center all offer art classes. You will also find instructors at Desert Art Supplies and Clay Arts Vegas which are both on the art supply list. Seasonal camps, after-school programs, and kids’ nights out are just a few of the programs they offer.

Studios For Rent Near You

Those of you who are ready to start a big project can find art studios near you like:


A frame can take a normal looking picture a long way, and some of the best places for art framing in Las Vegas are:

Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, and North Las Vegas are served by Elite Art & Framing who provides services like in-home art consultations and digital printing. Over 3,500 moulding samples and a thousand framing samples are available at Randall’s Art & Framing.

Custom Framing/Art at Your Door provides full services like custom framing includes repair and restoration for damaged older and antique frames as well as art pieces and artwork installation. They also provide interior design services.

There are over 1,200 wood frame samples to choose from at Artistic Framing. Other places we have listed throughout the post that also do framing are Desert Art Supplies, Blick, Michaels, and Kevin Barry Fine Art.

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Have Fun Enjoying The Las Vegas Art Scene

Well guys, we tried to cover the full art scene near you to the best of our abilities. You read about a lot of the best local galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers in the area.

Anyone that stuck around this long probably loves art as much as we do. Feel free to share your local tips and tricks in the comments at the end of the post, or please also let us know if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated.

Have fun going to the galleries, museums, buying supplies or doing anything that has to do with art in Las Vegas!

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