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If you are trying to learn about art in Geneva you are definitely in the right place and our first section will fully cover the best art galleries and museums near you.

After that we will get into a variety of other topics like art supply stores, events, festivals, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, local sculptures and statues, art classes, studios for rent, and the top frame shops in your area.

You can jump straight to any section that interests you most by using the table of contents on the left and we are also including a Geneva art map with all of the spots we mention throughout the post pinned on it.

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Best Art Galleries & Museums In Geneva

When you are ready to check out the best art galleries and museums in Geneva you can head to:

Musée d’Art et d’Histoire is the largest museum in Geneva with close to 700,000 objects in its collection including some incredible pieces by Van Gogh and Renoir that you can check out from 11am to 6pm most days but they are open from noon to 9pm on Thursday and are closed all day Monday.

Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain is open from noon to 6pm Tuesday through Friday and from 11am to 6pm on weekends with a bunch of awesome things to see.

Back in the 1820’s the The Rath Museum became the first fine arts museum in your area and it is still going strong today. Visit them from 2pm to 7pm Wednesday through Friday or from 11am to 6pm on weekends.

At the Barbier-Mueller Museum which is open from 11am to 5pm daily you will see a huge private collection of traditional arts from Africa, Asia, Oceania, pre-Columbus America, and plenty of other ancient civilizations.

Expect to find thousands of pieces from China and Japan at The Museum of Far Eastern Art which is open from 2pm to 6pm every day but Monday when they are closed.

If you love history some of the 20,000 pieces that are viewable from 10am to 6pm every day but Monday when they are closed at The Musée Ariana date as far back as the 1300’s.

Materials & Supplies Near You

You should be able to find all of the materials and supplies you need at these art stores in your area:

Brachard et Cie has in-store workshops for all ages and they also hosts local drawing competitions.

Aux Beaux Arts Perrier has been selling art supplies in Geneva for over 100 years.

There is a massive selection of supplies and materials available at Papeterie Wolf.

Shows & Events

Some of the best art shows and events held in this city are:

Artgenève Salon D’art is an internationally renowned contemporary and modern art fair held every Spring.

In May you have the Geneva Mapping Festival which is also a can’t miss event.

Then to finish of the summer you can head to the Festival De La Batie which has numerous art shows and theatrical events.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

If you want to add a new piece to your collection or find out how much a piece is worth you can go to art dealers and appraisers near you like:

Geneva Auctions and Arts hosts auctions and offers consultation or appraisal service for those who want to sell artwork in your area.

The Hehe Galerie specializes in Asiatic art.

Blondeau & Cie has been buying, selling, and appraising art for over 200 years.

Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève and the Opera Gallery from our main galleries and museums list also sell art.

Walking Tours

If you are reading this on a sunny day why not go on an art walking tour in your area:

The Free Walk is great for anyone who is new to the city and wants to find out what the Old Town area has to offer.

If you join the Art Walk with DA Switzerland you will stroll past a select number of exhibitions at some of the top contemporary local art galleries in the trendy Quartier des Bains area.

Sculptures & Statues

You can also find some really cool sculptures around town like:

  • Broken Chair at Palais des Nations
  • Statue L’Immigré en Bronze at Rue Pradier
  • Sculpture Abrimaux at Place d’arms 2
  • Enlightened Universe at Quai du Mont Blanc 13
  • Reclining Figure Arch Leg at Swiss Blvd 14
  • Sitting Sheet at Place des Florentines 1
  • Monumento Al Caballo at Quai Wilson

Broken Chair was created by Daniel Berset and the sculpture was erected by Handicap International at the main entrance to the Palais des Nations before the turn of the last century.

Ousmane Sow created the Statue L’Immigré en Bronze back in 2008.

You can find the Sculpture Abrimaux in the English Garden.

In 1969 Henry Moore created the Reclining Figure Arch Leg.

The Sitting Sheet and Monumento Al Caballo were both created in 1978.

Geneva Art Classes

Framing art supply stores Geneva lessons near you studios

We are all at different levels and sometimes a lesson or two can give us the boost that we need. Some of the best Geneva art schools and classes can be found at:

Life of Art has art classes for all ages and skill levels, they can do private lessons, and they have art studios for rent.

Costanza Fine Art provides local drawing and painting lessons for adults from beginner to advanced.

Geneva University of Art and Design is where to go if you want a serious degree in this field.

Art-Time has lessons for all ages and they host private events and hold workshops.

The Centre De Formation Professionnelle Arts is another solid option for higher education and they have a great internship program.

Workshop D’art Crayons De Soleil is great for kids of all ages and has popular art summer camps.

Studios For Rent Near You

Those of you who are ready to start a big project can try to rent a local art studio like:

Life of Art and Art-Time from our art classes near you list also have studios for rent.


A frame can take a normal looking picture a long way, and some of the best places for art framing in Geneva are:

Marco Colucci Encadrement offers frames and object gilding, consultations, restorations, and hanging services.

You can find art conservation, restoration, and frames that date back to the 1800’s at Denis Schott Coach.

Les Cadres Gault also has a wide selection of frames that are hundreds of years old in addition to the trendy modern varieties.

Atelier B specializes in art restoration and gilded wood restoration.

Some of you may also want to read about the top:

Have Fun Enjoying The Geneva Art Scene

Well, we tried to cover the local art scene near you to the best of our abilities. We listed the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and framers in your area.

You can let us know about any of your own tips and tricks in the comments at the end of the post, or please also mention if we got anything wrong or if you notice anything that has become dated.

Have fun going to the galleries, museums, buying supplies or doing anything that has to do with art in Geneva!

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