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Thanks for checking out our post about art in Munich. Galleries, museums, supplies, schools, shows, events and more will all be discussed in detail right here.

This intro will be short and sweet because we know your time is valuable. The best Munich Art Galleries and Museums where you will find the most unique collections in town will get us started.

You may want to know about the best art stores in town where you can find all the supplies and materials you desire so they will be listed. We also don’t want to forget about the best shows and events the region has to offer.

If you get a sunny day enjoy it by going on an art walking tour in your area or by seeing some of the most unique statues and sculptures around town. Taking group classes or private lessons at one of the nicer art schools in Munich can be a great way to improve your skills quickly.

Renting out an art studio near you when the time is right to get the ball rolling on your next project could improve your odds of success. Appraisers, dealers, and framing shops will also be covered.

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Best Art Galleries & Museums In Munich

If you want to check out the best art galleries and museums in Munich you can head to:

If you aren’t a German speaker the Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst focuses on Egyptian Art and in particular has some really amazing ancient sculptures dating back as many as 5,000 years. Children enter free and large groups of 15 or more can get a discount.

Alte Pinakothek was built in the early to mid-1800’s ad today contains hundreds of masterpieces from the 14th to 18th centuries. Some of the works in their collection were created by Rembrandt, Rubens, Raphael, Leonardo, and Durer among others.

The lineup at Neue Pinakothek is just as impressive as they have modern art works by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Max Liebermann, Edouard Manet, and Paul Cézanne. This is definitely one of the best museums in Munich and they have frequent events like live readings or concerts.

There are over a thousand unique items at Museum Brandhorst, including the world’s biggest collection of Cy Twombly’s and the most Andy Warhol’s you will find in Europe. You can find over 20,000 artworks and 500,000 unique drawings and prints near you at Pinakothek Der Moderne.

Head there on the first Friday and Saturday of the month at about 3pm when they usually have free workshops and lectures. After being founded in 1855 Bayerisches National Museum has grown into one of the largest fine arts and history museums in Europe.

They have frequent events, holiday activities, story afternoons for kids and other workshops. If you are a fan of the Blue Rider artists who many say pioneered classic modernism then you will love the collection at Lenbachhaus.

The Museum Of Urban And Contemporary Art puts on a free street art tour and has graffiti workshops.

Materials & Supplies Near You

The best stores to buy art supplies and materials in your area are:

Schachinger Künstlerbedarf has been one of the best places to buy art supplies near you since 1877. There are over 50,000 materials and items available at Gerstaecker including studio furnishings, drawing supplies, and paints plus they do custom framing.

You can find over 1,500 pigments including some rare hard to find pigments at Kremer Pigmente.

Shows & Events

Some of the best art shows and events held in this city are:

The Highlights-International Art Fair goes down at Munich Residenz every July and it is a sales exhibition where you can find everything from ancient artwork to classic and modern styles. The biggest art fair in Bavaria is Artmuc which takes place every May and October at Isarforum Ludwigsbrücke.

The focus of Artmuc is contemporary works. Also in October is Position where you can see incredible artworks on paper, as well as art in other medias.

Art Dealers & Appraisers

When you are trying to find a new piece for your collection or to figure out the true value of something visit one of these art dealers and appraisers in your area:

You can get free, confidential appraisal services from Artcurial Allemagne who also hosts auctions and can try to assist with private sales. At Vogel Art expect to find limited editions of the leading living artists plus they do private and corporate consulting.

You can rent, rent to buy, or just buy art from Bailer Kunst who also does free consultations. Bavarian National Museum also offers appraisal services.

Walking Tours

When the weather is nice try an art walking tour:

Ludwig & Lola Stadtführungen isn’t necessarily an art walking tour per se, but they do have a variety of tours through Munich’s Old Town on Fridays and Saturdays. They also can do private tours any day of the week.

Earlier we told you about the The Museum Of Urban And Contemporary Arts street art tour. They know a ton about the history of graffiti, the history of the local street art near you, and can show you some unique areas many visitors to this town don’t ever see.

The tour starts at the Fräulein Grüneis kiosk at the Eisbach and ends at MUCA where you can enter free of charge.

Sculptures & Statues

Framing art supply stores Munich lessons near you studios

Taking selfies with these sculptures and statues could also be enjoyable:

  • Juliet Capulet Statue at Marienplatz 15
  • Walking Man at Leopoldstr 36
  • Bavaria Statue at Theresienhöhe 16
  • Mae West at Isarring 125
  • The Ring on Luisenstr
  • Wels Catfish on Neuhauser Str
  • Umschreibung at Ganghoferstr 29A

Back in 1974 the city of Verona gave the Juliet Capulet Statue to this city as a gift and you can check it out near the old town hall. American artist Jonathan Borofsky created the Walking Man sculpture that has been in front of the Munich Reinsurance building in Shwabing for over 25 years.

The Bavaria Statue was put up quite a bit earlier than that. Ludwig Schwanthaler designed this 18 meter high bronze masterpiece in the mid 1800’s.

Rita McBride is the brainchild behind the Mae West sculpture. You can find The Ring near the old botanical gardens between the museum district and the main train station.

Wels Catfish was created back in 1982 and sits in front of the Jagdmuseum. Danish artist Olafur Eliasson put up the Umschreibung sculpture in 2004 and if you want to check it out visit the courtyard at the KPMG Building.

Munich Art Classes

Whether you are trying to find private lessons or group classes for kids, teens, or adults the best art schools in Munich would be:

You can get different types of graduate and degree programs in artistic skills, fine art, art education, interior design, visual design and even architecture from Akademie der Bildenden Künste München. There are weekend classes and evening classes on Tuesdays for all ages and skill levels available at Akthof.

There are painting, drawing, and portfolio preparation courses available from the instructors at Isabella Atelier. Freie Kunstwerkstatt can also provide lessons on preparing a portfolio to help you qualify for entrance exams at academies, universities, and technical colleges.

There are classes for all ages, weekend lessons, and summer camps available at Atelierprojekt.

Studios For Rent Near You

If you are ready to start your next project you can rent art studio space in your area at:


When you need art framing services in Munich try out:

You will find thousands of profiles, colors, mats and frames at Rahmen Lachner. They also clean and restore paintings and have a pick-up and delivery service for large paintings.

At Rahmen Center München they do painting and frame restorations or cleanings and can help with picture hanging. There are over 700 different frame strips made of wood and aluminum available at Bild & Rahmenwerkstatt.

Anti-theft devices are available at Rahmen Ruetz who also does gold plating and restores damaged pictures and frames. Gerstaecker and Boesner from our art supplies list also do framing.

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Have Fun Enjoying The Munich Art Scene

We listed the best galleries, museums, events, shows, supply stores, dealers, appraisers, walking tours, sculptures, classes, studios, and art framers near you.

If you made it this far you might just know quite a bit about the local art scene yourself. Feel free to share your own tips, or to let us know if we may have gotten anything wrong in the comments.

We hope you enjoy your time at the best Munich Art Galleries, Museums, Supply Stores or doing whatever it else you plan to do with the info.

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